Blogs coming in 2023

Written on December 10, 2022

I recently stumbled across this post about social media and it’s effect on artists and the creation process. Much of it resonated with me, particularly how I found that often engagement with my work would influence the kind of work I wanted to make. Whether that was not getting enough likes on something I was initially proud of, washing away any sense of accomplishment I felt, or, on the flip side, getting more likes on a fanart piece, driving me to create more images with that character, even if it wasn’t what I truly wanted to work on.

So, with the new year coming up I’ve decided to take on a bit of an experiment, and quit social media for a year. I’m in a uniquely good position and time for this. My following is tiny, so there’s no major loss there. My main source of income comes from my day job as a designer, and I’m about to dive into a long project, so I’ve got plenty of direction to move forward and keep me occupied. I’m also largely curious as to how this project will evolve without the scrutiny of anyone else.

I’ve posted a bit more on my twitter over here. In the meantime, I’ll be putting out a newsletter, starting April 2023, which will be archived here as a blog.

Farewell, for now!

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